The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: A Children’s Guide to the Old & New Testament by Garrett Romines & Christopher Miko


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I came across this book the other day at the library and thought, this would be a great addition to a church’s library.  We’ve all met those kids who are obsessed with Minecraft (my own being a couple of them).  Instead of fighting against the mania, why not give the kids a Bible to look at which features Minecraft illustrations?

This book only shares a selection of Bible stories, and the text is reduced to that of a comic book.  The illustrations are actual builds which somebody did in the Minecraft game.

While this book won’t increase a child’s Bible literacy, it is a fun way to get them better acquainted with Bible stories in general.


Good Attitude Craft

Good Attitudes

One of our teachers came up with this craft to go with a lesson on having a good attitude.  She posted a sign saying, “How We Have Good Attitudes” and put it on the wall.  The kids got to draw pictures of themselves doing something that they didn’t necessarily like, but doing it with a good attitude.  It was cute to see what they came up with.

This is really easy and it would work well for kids of all ages!


Baby Moses Game

Baby Moses Game

The kids absolutely loved this game!  All we did was hide one baby doll per child around the room while the kids had their eyes covered.  When we said ‘go’ they had to open their eyes and go in search of a baby doll.  When they found one they took it to the carpet and waited for everyone else to finish.  We played it several times and they would have kept playing if we hadn’t run out of time.

If you don’t have enough baby dolls, try using stuffed animals or drawings of babies.

Baby Moses Blanket Craft

Moses Blanket

The younger kids worked together to make this very simple craft for our lesson on baby Moses being hidden in the rushes.  It’s supposed to look like a baby blanket that the kids decorated for baby Moses.  All you need is a large piece of cardstock, tissue paper, and glue.  Rip the tissue paper into smaller pieces that the kids can glue onto the cardstock.  When working with glue, we always give the littles a cap full of glue and a paintbrush.  It reduces the number of paint puddles on their projects.

Depending on the size of cardstock you have, I’d suggest about four children per piece.  Otherwise they can’t all get to the paper.  I also posted a Bible passage next to the blanket they made.  It was Exodus 1:3-4

Moses Blanket 2

Teen Volunteer Fundraising Purchases

IMG_4825Here’s a topic that will come up if you do children’s ministry for any length of time.  Teen helpers will at some point ask if you want to buy something to help them fundraise for “XYZ.”  It may be to help them raise money for band, a field trip, a missions trip, or something else.  So how will you respond?  If you are from a large church, you may have to say no, if only to be fair to all the teens.  We attend a small church, so we can say yes.  There are two teens that selflessly help us out almost every week.  Buying something from them when they are fundraising is a small way to say thank you for all they do.


Thankfulness Leaves

IMG_4748Our young kids made these thankfulness leaves for our lesson last week.  We talked about what we did on Thanksgiving and some of the things we are thankful for.  Then the kids colored in a couple of leaves.  They told us what they were thankful for, and we wrote it on the leaf for them.  We just happen to have some trees painted on our walls, so we put our leaves in one of the trees.  You could make your own tree out of butcher paper, though.  For the leaves, I found a free printable leaf coloring page online and copied it several times, then bubble-cut around the leaves.