Moses & the Red Sea Jello



Taking the idea from a picture I saw, I made blue jello in a 9″x13″ pan as the Red Sea.  It was made double-strength so it would be a little more rigid.  Some fish and shark fruit snacks were added as the jello was setting up to make it a little cooler.  You could also use Swedish fish, but I thought they might be a bit chewy for the kids.  A path was cleared going from one side of the pan to the other, to simulate the dry ground the Israelites walked across on.  Sorry, no picture of that.  Of note, if you make this the day before, the gummies will leach a little water where they meet up with the jello.  Not a huge issue, but they won’t look picture perfect.

Below is a picture of the fishy items I found at our small town grocery store that could be added to the Red Sea.  The Sour Patch Kids could be used as Israelites walking across on the path, if you secured them with icing.  I never got around to that, though.  If you live in a bigger city, you probably have even more selection!



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