Faith Rocks


This is a very easy craft to do:

1. Find some smooth, flattish stones.  Wash them clean.  Let dry.

2. Write artists’ names on bottom of stone with a Sharpie.

3. Paint one flat side of the rock.  You can use tempera, acrylic, or enamel paint.

4. Stick small squares of tissue paper on the wet paint.  Press down edges to make sure they stick.

5. On another small piece of tissue paper, write “Faith” with a fine-tip permanent marker.

6. Brush glue where you want to place it, and press “Faith” tissue paper in that spot.

7. Brush the entire thing with another layer of glue if you’d like it to have more staying power.


The orange rock has enamel paint, which makes it more shiny and smooth.  The others have tempera paint.


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