5-Minute Burning Bush

001 cr

This is what I came up with for our recent Moses lesson when we needed a burning bush.  It was done that Sunday morning with materials on-hand in my own home, hence the cobbled together look.  Anyhow, it worked just fine, and I was rather proud of my 5-minute project.  I like to pretend just as much as the kids do.  😉  Check out the steps below.



Instructions for a 5-Minute Burning Bush:

1. Find a cluster of fake flowers, a pot to keep your bush in, rocks, scotch tape, and tissue paper (red, yellow & orange).

2. Lay out tissue paper squares on top of one another, trying not to make them too symmetrical.

3. Poke stems of flower bunch directly through the middle of the tissue paper.  Carefully pull stems through hole, moving tissue paper up under the blossoms.

4. Gather tissue paper around flowers and tape in place.  Artistically arrange to look more flame-like.

5. Hold stems in middle of pot and fill in sides with rocks to keep bush upright.  Voila!


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