Bible Verse Tea Light

Baby food jars are great!  We made these as a fun way for kids to display the verse we learned last month.  Quite easy, but a little messy.  I think these are best for school-age and older because of the fine-motor skill needed.


Bible Verse Tea Light:

1. Gather baby food jars, tissue paper, paint brushes, white glue, dish for glue, Sharpie, scissors, and verses printed on regular copy paper.

2. Tear tissue paper into smallish pieces.  Cut out verse to fit on jar.  Write name on bottom of jar with Sharpie.

3. Pour puddle of glue into dish.  Paint glue on outside of jar, sticking on tissue paper scraps as you go.  Continue until entire jar is covered.  You can skip the bottom.

4. Brush another layer of glue on top of tissue paper.

5. Brush glue on back of printed verse.  Place on side of jar and smooth out.  Brush layer of glue on top of verse.  Make sure edges are secure.  (The text didn’t smear on our laser printer text, but test inkjet first, to make sure it won’t smear.)

6. Let dry.  Add battery-operated tea light and enjoy the show.



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