Thankful Fingerprint Trees

001 (4) cr

For our Thanksgiving lesson, we will be doing this cute craft.  I can’t remember if we’re doing something different with the older kids.  I’ll have to revisit that later.  Anyhow, the tree template came from One Fab Day.  What parent doesn’t like getting something with their child’s fingerprints on it?  The nice stamp pad pictured below is available at Walmart, and the ink washed right off my fingers without leaving any stains.

003 (2)

Make It:

1. Gather colored pencils / markers / crayons, ink pads, fine-tip Sharpie, tree templates.

2. Write “I’m thankful for…” on paper.

3. Kids color trunk of tree and grass.

4. Make fingerprints at ends of branches for leaves.  Vary colors for a fall theme.

5. Clean off the children’s hands!!

6. Ask kids what they’re thankful for, and adult writes a few things on their leaves.


002 (4)


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