Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled DVD

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For the main portion of our lesson on Joshua & the Walls of Jericho, we watched Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled from ShatterPoint Entertainment.  We opted for the version that’s licensed for group showings so that we can use it for an outreach in the future.  You can also purchase a version for private use at about half the cost of the other.

The video is very well done.  I love the detail that is put into it!  The characters have animated faces, you get shots from many different angles, they use materials creatively, and there’s some clever humor thrown in there.  Now, it is not an absolutely true-to-the-book rendition of the story.  There were no helicopters, computers, or coffee mugs in Jericho.  The makers do take some creative license in the re-telling, but the essential story is not changed.  We talked with the kids about the fact that there were some bits in the video that were not accurate, and they helped us pick them out.  If you want a really fun, unique way to tell the story of Jericho, this is your ticket.  And I’m always happy when I find something that will appeal to the boys.  It can be a challenge to keep their attention.  😉

Rating: Thumbs-Up

Age: Any

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