Find the Frogs Game

Do you like my beautiful laminated froggies?  In an insane fit of ambition, I made (with the help of my kids) 193 paper frogs.  Never again!  Anyhow, we made them for a game that we played during our Moses & the Red Sea lesson.  (Remember the plague of frogs?)  Basically, they are meant to be hidden and found.  Exciting!

For the little kids, you could “hide” them in plain sight and tell them each to collect a certain number.  Something like, collect five frogs and go sit on the rug.  That makes it a little more fair for the very small kids who get run over in the initial mad dash.  The older kids could have a different sort of challenge.  Maybe boys vs. girls–see who can collect the most, or give them a time limit, like 30 seconds to see how many they can collect.  Just be careful that no one gets hurt in their zeal to find the frogs!

The template comes from Little Gene Green Bean.  Page down a little to find it.

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