Felt Scroll Craft

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Again, for the Josiah lesson we’re doing a scroll themed activity.  The kids will make their own felt scroll.  I chose Psalm 119:11 because it seemed to really fit the theme of the story well.  I was thinking that rolling up the scroll might be a little easier if you used thin dowels instead of the craft sticks.  You might want to try it out.

To Make:

1. Gather hot glue gun, glue gun sticks, craft sticks, felt, printed verses OR small notecards & pens, scissors, white glue, ribbon.

2. Cut the felt to approximately 3″x7″.

3. Cut out the verse, or cut a small notecard in half and write verse on it.

4. Hot glue short edge of felt and quickly press craft stick in place, making sure to center it over the felt and square it up with the edge.  Press firmly.

5. Hot glue top of craft stick, making sure to leave the ends bare.  Quickly fold over on felt to completely enclose the stick in felt.  Press firmly.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on opposite end of felt.

7. Glue verse in middle of felt.  Let dry.  I used Elmer’s, but something stronger might work better.

8. Roll up scroll and secure with ribbon.

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