VeggieTales: Lord of The Beans

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I like VeggieTales, I really do, but sometimes I just wonder.  I’m not sure about using a Lord of the Rings spoof to tell a biblical truth.  My skepticism aside, let’s get down to business.

Lord of the Beans is the story of how a Flobbit named Toto (think Frodo) has to decide how to use a very special gift given to him by his uncle Bilboy.  The gift is a bean which can give Toto anything he wants, but he must decide whether to use it for his own personal gain, or for others.  Toto makes a journey with some friends, all based on LOTR characters, to discover the true purpose for this gift.  Anyone familiar with The Lord of the Rings movies will appreciate the inside jokes thrown into the story, though at times they are over-done.

While it is an entertaining video, I would hesitate to call it educational in the context of teaching kids at church.  It’s easy to get distracted from the message that we should use our gifts to benefit others, simply because of all the extra stuff going on.  While I don’t recommend this video for ministry use, it’s okay as a movie meant purely for entertainment.  The best part of the movie is the scene where the cookie man bakes for the sporks.  Watch for it.  We still quote that part around my house.


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