Bible Verses for a Fearful Child

A friend of mine at church notified me that her son is reporting some disturbing things to her, from time to time.  He says that God is telling him that bad things are going to happen, like people getting hurt or dying.  She’s concerned about what to tell him, not wanting to scare him too much with information about demonic forces and such.  As I was searching for verses about Thanksgiving tonight, I came across Psalm 91, and it just clicked.  He needs to hear this!

I typed up most of the chapter, leaving out just a few bits that I thought might be a bit much for nighttime reading, and printed it off to give to them tomorrow.  I hope that it helps alleviate some of the worry and fear.  There’s nothing like reading the Word of God to help assuage your emotions.  I’m sharing the document here, in case it would be of use to anyone else.  Bible Verses on Fear

If the document doesn’t show up when you click the above link, just click the “Download” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page that opens.  Choose “Open with Adobe Reader,” and it should come up.

The translation I used is the NIrV.

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