Eyewitness Books: Bible Lands

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I don’t know about you, but I love Eyewitness Books.  The clear photos and little captions speak to me.  When I saw Eyewitness Books: Bible Lands at our local library, I had to bring it home and check it out.  The pictures are great!  It’s really neat to see some of the items that were around during Bible times.  Seeing those items really drove home the reality of what I read about in the Bible.  Also, this book gives you the kind of information about the history and artifacts that you just don’t find in “Christian” books.  I enjoy learning about what the daily life and customs of these ancient people was like.

On a sad note, I don’t recommend that this book be made available to your kids at church.  Reading through it, it became quite apparent that the writer was not writing from a Christian viewpoint, or at the very least, not with the idea that the Bible is inerrant.  What particularly struck me was a caption on page 57 that states, “According to the New Testament, it was Herod the Great (Herod I) who was responsible for the slaughter of the children in his attempt to dispose of Jesus of Nazareth.  In reality the story is a myth.”  Well, any Bible-believing adult doesn’t want to put a statement like that into the hands of children, so there you have my reason for not recommending it to them.  It would be helpful to teachers in using as a visual aid.  If there’s something in your lesson that is pictured in the book, then the kids might enjoy seeing it for themselves.  It would just make it that much more real to them.

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