Room For A Little One by Martin Waddell


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I really want to use Room for a Little One with my little kids at church this year.  It’s such a lovely, innocent take on the Christmas story, and I really think they’ll enjoy it.  It also has some repetition, which they enjoy because they feel like they know the story each time it’s repeated.

The story starts off with Kind Ox laying in a stable.  As other animals come by looking for a place to rest and get warm, they are invited into the peaceful stable.  Eventually Tired Donkey comes, accompanied by Mary and Joseph.  There is room for them in the stable, and that is where baby Jesus is born, welcomed by the animals.

The end of the book does not expound on the significance of Jesus’ birth, so be prepared to do that yourself.  However, for a classroom read-aloud for young kids, I think this book is great.


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