Armor of God Snack

Another Pinterest find!  This armor of God snack really jumped out at me–look at how cute it is!  Also quite simple, and the kids can assemble it themselves.

Supplies: Pringles, mandarin oranges, licorice, green pepper, Tostitos Scoops, string cheese, knife, plate

1. Cut pieces of green pepper to resemble a human torso.  This is your Breastplate of Righteousness.

2. From licorice, cut pieces for Belt of Truth, legs, arms, and neck.

3. Place Tostitos Scoop atop neck for the head.  Presumably this head is wearing the Helmet of Salvation.

4. Place Pringles at end of one arm as Shield of Faith, and string cheese at end of other arm as Sword of the Spirit.

5. Finally, open mandarins and drain.  Place two mandarins at ends of legs as shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.

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