Breastplate of Righteousness Craft

Quick post tonight as hubby makes homemade pizza and the kids mill around me!  For our lesson on the breastplate of righteousness, part of our Armor of God series, I made this breastplate for the kids to copy at church.  Whether or not they made it, I’m not sure.  I was spared going out in this awful weather by two lovely teachers who said they’d cover for me.  It’s quite simple:

Supplies: cardstock, stapler, scissors, sturdy ribbon, markers

1. Have children decorate one piece of cardstock as front of breastplate.  I wrote “Righteousness” on mine, but it could have done with some sprucing up.

2. Have child hold decorated cardstock in front of their chest.  Find roughly the right spot for the back piece.  Make an approximate measurement of the the length of ribbon needed to go over the shoulder to connect the two pieces.

3. Cut two pieces of ribbon for shoulders.  Staple to backside of cardstock, near the upper outside corners on both front and back pieces.

4. Place this over the child’s head to make sure it fits.  Cut four longer pieces of ribbon, two per side, to tie closed the sides of the breastplate.

5. Staple ribbon to backside of cardstock, about level with child’s waist, on both front and back pieces.  Repeat on other side.  Tie side ribbons on both sides to secure closed.

*Tip: It’s helpful to use fairly rigid ribbon on the shoulders, but the sides need something that is easier to tie.

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