Snowman Door Decoration

My kids and I decorated this door at home, not church.  If you wanted to spruce up a door in your children’s area, this would be a great idea!  It took us less than 20 minutes to put together.

Supplies: black construction paper, orange construction paper, red scrapbook paper, green scrapbook paper, scissors, white crayon, cereal bowl, cups (2 different sizes), tape

1. Trace two circles around bowls on black construction paper.  Cut out.  These are the eyes.

2. Trace five circles around wide cup.  Cut out.  These are the mouth.

3. Trace three circles around narrow cup.  Cut out.  These are the buttons.

4. Cut in half two pieces of red scrapbook paper, and two of green.  This is the scarf.

5. Cut out large triangle for nose.

6. Tape pieces to door, arranging to your liking.

*Even though scrapbook paper is more expensive, I used it because it had a nice raised texture to it that seemed more scarf-like.

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