Pom Pom Popper

I made these poppers for my son’s birthday party (I know–pink!), then brought them to church to let the kids blow off some steam with them.  I got the idea from ComeTogetherKids.com.  Since we were indoors, we used pom poms, but it would be fun to use mini marshmallows outside–as long as you don’t mind white specks all over the grass.

Unfortunately, I accidentally bought the wrong size cup (12 oz.), but that was remedied by using a larger balloon (16″).  Since I used to work with balloons professionally, I had some larger ones on hand.  If I were you, I’d stick with the 9 oz. cups and 11″ balloons, like the original post calls for.

You’ll want to experiment with these a bit so that you can show the kids how to use them.  We really enjoyed the results when we filled the entire cup with pom poms–you can get three good showers out of it that way.

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