VeggieTales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler

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Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler is another silly VeggieTales spoof.  This time, Larry is Sheerluck (Sherlock) Holmes and Bob is Dr. Watson.  They need to find out who stole the golden ruler, and recover it for the king and queen.  The underlying message is about how friends should treat each other.  In the video, Sheerluck takes all the credit for solving the cases, while Dr. Watson is all but forgotten, and certainly not recognized for his contributions.  Watson tires of this and parts ways with Sheerluck, letting him know that when he wants to start treating him like a real friend, he knows where to find him.  Eventually Sheerluck comes to understand Watson’s grievances and they are reconciled.  They solve the case together and all ends happily.

The DVD also contains a parody of Don Quixote and the silly song, Gated Community.  It’s a fun little video with a clear message about how friends should treat one another.  Not Bible teaching, but edifying in a fun and silly way.


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