What Is Christmas? by Michelle Medlock Adams

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What Is Christmas? is a deceptive little board book.  You would think that a small book, designed to stand up to teething toddlers, wouldn’t have anything great in it, right?  Guess what?  You’d be wrong.  (Have no fear it is available as a regular hardcover, as well.)

While it is definitely aimed at younger kids (think sing-song stanzas), the message is mature enough for even older kids.  The reader is asked about all the wonderful Christmas trappings–candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, presents, carols–and whether or not they are what Christmas is all about.  We find out that Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

I really like the fact that the book tells us that all the extra stuff thrown in at Christmastime isn’t bad–it’s fun and good–but we should remember the real reason we celebrate.

Rating: Thumbs-Up

Age: Toddler – Kindergarten

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