Armor of God Dress Up

To review the Armor of God we had a silly dress up activity.  As the items were reviewed, a child got to put on all the wacky gear we had assembled.  This was all stuff I had around the house.  The idea was inspired by a Youtube video I saw.

  • Helmet of Salvation – metal mixing bowl
  • Breastplate of Righteousness – muffin tin w/yarn tied through holes to hang around neck
  • Sword of the Spirit – butter knife
  • Shield of Faith – pizza pan with packing tape/duct tape handle on back
  • Belt of Truth – bathrobe belt (duct tape wrapped around middle w/”Truth” written on tape)
  • Shoes of the Gospel of Peace – big rubber boots

Each item had a duct tape label with the title printed on it with Sharpie.  We lost one of our boot’s labels, but they said, “Gospel” and “Peace.”

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