Shield of Faith Craft

One of our teachers last Sunday came up with this craft.  She free-handed the cross-and-shield design, then photocopied it.  I’ll see if I can get an extra copy of it from her and post it on here.  The shields were cut out beforehand so the younger kids could focus on the decorating, but older kids would probably appreciate doing the entire craft themselves.

Supplies: Shield of Faith template, colored cardstock, plain paper (can be junk mail), glue, strapping tape, scissors, markers/crayons, small stickers, sticky-back jewels


1. Cut out Shield of Faith.

2. Glue shield to cardstock and trim, leaving a border of about 1/2″ to 3/4″.

3. Fold piece of plain paper over on itself about 1″ on the long edge.

4. Continue folding paper over on itself until it is all folded.  Fold over on itself to make a loop.  Secure with packing tape.

5. Use packing tape to secure handle to back of shield in the middle.

6. Decorate front with crayons, markers, stickers, and/or jewels.

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