Shoes of the Gospel of Peace Shoe Decoration


Here’s a craft you can make with older kids to remind them to put on their Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.  I came up with it last minute while standing in the craft aisle, wondering what to do for Sunday’s lesson.  Last minute inspiration, also known as desperation-inspiration.

Supplies: sticky-back foam (the glitter kind is nice), scissors, pen/pencil/fine-tip marker, peace sign template

1. Find a suitable template for your peace sign.  This could be a peace sign printed on cardstock to the size you like.  I found a template from a felt craft piece which was attached to something else.  I just tore off the peace sign and used it.  Check out your local craft store or craft aisle at Walmart.

2. Trace peace sign twice onto sticky-back side of craft foam.

3. Carefully cut out peace signs, including negative areas of the design.  Scissors with a sharp tip work best.

4. Peel off backs of peace signs and carefully press sticky backs together.  Trim excess if necessary.

5. Affix to shoe by threading shoelace through peace sign and tying as normal.


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