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One major splurge that I made for the church’s children’s ministry was buying a Betty Lukens large deluxe flannelboard set.  I don’t feel badly about shelling out some major dough for this because I know the set will outlive me.  That is a sobering thought.

I didn’t grow up going to church regularly, but my grandparents would take me to their church when I spent the night.  I remember going down to a room in the basement with a couple of other kids and a little old lady.  She looked just like the typical old-lady Sunday School teacher most people picture in their minds.  This sweet old lady taught us Bible stories using a flannelboard.  I thought it was magical.  Why were those flannel figures so fascinating to me?  I have no clue.

Younger kids need something visual to remember Bible stories, and I think this set is a great solution.  The large size, which is what I got, is very large.  It’s best if you have a large number of kids, or you’ll be a significant distance from the kids.  If your classroom is cozy, then you’ll probably want to go with the small set.

The pieces are printed on large pieces of flannel, ready to cut out.  This is an epic task.  I do not have all the pieces cut out yet, but do them as needed for the stories.  Even this is a lot of work.  Be prepared for it.  The large set came with two large, shallow boxes with filing sheets for all the pieces.  Each piece’s spot is marked with a number and outline of the piece.  As long as things are kept in order, it’s a great system.  You have to make sure all the pieces go back to their designated spots when you’re finished.  So far there have been a few pieces that were not numbered on the front.  I looked through the filing system to figure out their number and wrote it on the back with Sharpie.

There are three flannel-covered cardboard boards to mount the figures on.  They are a bit of a challenge to store, and you’ll want to make sure they are covered, otherwise the flannel will get grubby.  Also, you’ll need to be gentle with the boards–if treated too roughly, the cardboard will rip and/or bend.  I use this telescoping easel to rest our board on.  It works well because you can adjust the height, it’s heavy-duty, and there is a piece on top which holds the board in place.

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Also included in the set is a Teacher’s Manual with all the stories, accompanied by a list of the necessary pieces.  Finally, there is a CD which includes 182 coloring sheets, word searches, puzzles and more.


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