Sword of the Spirit Craft


We made this sword with the younger kids for our lesson on the Sword of the Spirit.  The template comes from craftingthewordofgod.com.  There are four different pages, we used the first and third pages (the first says, “Sword of the Spirit” and the second lists the books of the Bible).  The kids decorated their swords, then cut them out.  I would have used cardstock, but we were out.  We ended up adding a craft stick to the back for more stability.  I didn’t even try printing the page on both sides to see if they lined up, thereby eliminating the need to cut out two swords.  Let me know if that works.  The sample I made, which is pictured, was made from two swords printed on regular copy paper and glued together.  That method makes it rigid enough to last through a few play sessions.  You have to wait for the glue to dry though, which isn’t always an option.

IMG_3108 cr


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