Good Samaritan Intro

IMG_3223 cr

I can’t claim this idea for myself; I saw it somewhere on the Internet.  Where, I can’t remember.  I used bananas and an orange to introduce the lesson of the Good Samaritan.  While briefly telling the story, the fruit filled in as the actors.  The bananas were the the man who was traveling, the Priest, and the Levite.  The orange was the Samaritan.  The best part was that I got to squash the banana/man who was attacked and throw it on the floor.  You should have seen the looks on the kids’ faces–priceless!


2 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Intro

  1. Thank you for this idea. It ties in perfect with our “Fruit of the Spirit” lessons. We used the story of the Good Samaritan for the topic COMPASSION. This was a great visual aide as my class is adults with special need

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