Good Samaritan Snack


I coined these “Mud & Blood Cookies.”  I love the name!  Having boys will do funny things to your brain.  Anyhow, this was our snack for our lesson on the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I had originally planned on making sugar cookies cut out to look like little men, but I couldn’t find the cookie cutters (and I got lazy).  So I just picked up some rolls of sugar cookie dough at Walmart and sliced and baked them.  We used chocolate pudding for the mud and red icing for the blood.  You know that the man who was attacked got muddy and bloody, right?  At any rate, the kids enjoyed it.

*Caution: Be careful what red icing you get.  I got some pretty potent stuff which really stuck to faces and (eek!) dripped on some clothing.  Be smart and choose something a little more tame.  😉

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