Bible Story Theatre: Zacchaeus

We really enjoy acting out Bible stories with our kids.  The group is small enough that we can all gather together for the main story.  For the story about Zacchaeus, a teen and I acted it out while another teacher narrated for us.  I got to play Jesus, which was odd, because I don’t look the part at all.  Both of us tried to become manly by painting on a fake mustache and goatee.  We used a tall step stool as the tree that Zacchaeus climbed, play food when we went to Zach’s house, and a camera bag filled with coins to show how wealthy Zacchaeus was.  (Actually, we used a large, plastic peanut butter jar to keep the money in.  Once I got home I had the bright idea to use the camera bag.)  My greatest suggestion when acting out Bible stories is to ham it up and don’t be afraid to have fun and be a little goofy.  Also–remember to let the audience participate.  Our kids pretended to be the grumbling crowd who were upset that Jesus was going to a sinner’s house.



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