Loaves & Fishes Game

For our lesson on Jesus feeding the 5,000 the kids played this loaves and fishes game.  Fill two tubs/trash cans with crumpled newspaper.  Cut out loaves from brown card stock/scrapbook paper, and fishes from the same kind of paper, making them whatever color you like.  I cut out more than enough for each child to get one.  Evenly divide loaves and fishes between the two containers and mix in.


Kids divide into two teams and each child takes a turn to run to the tub and find a loaf or fish.  When they find one, they bring it back to their team and tag the next person.  The goal is to see which team has all their players collect a loaf or fish first.

To make the cutting easier, just cut the loaves into blobby shapes.  For the fish–cut a piece of paper into approximately even rectangles.  For each rectangle, cut out as shown below.  You will get very quick at this and there’s no need to trace shapes before cutting them out.  Time saver!



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