Bible Story Theatre: Jesus Walks on Water

To act out the story of Jesus walking on the water, we made a cardboard boat.  It was made from two gaylord boxes, which my husband got from work.  One end of each box was cut open so that the flap could be taped to the inner wall of the other box, making them more stable.  We also cut a door in the side so that the kids could get in and out easily.  A couple of blue plastic tablecloths made the water around the boat.

If you know someone who has access to large cardboard boxes at their place of employment, consider yourself blessed!  You can do so much with these!


We acted out this story at our new church, but I didn’t have any gaylord boxes.  I ended up getting U-Haul’s extra-large moving boxes and they worked quite well.  I cut the boxes down one side, between the flaps, then folded the bottom flaps in so they would sit flat on the floor.  We then used binder clips and clothespins to hold the boxes together in the arrangement we liked.

The benefit of using the clips is that it goes together and comes apart quickly and easily, and the boxes can be used for multiple lessons.  They also store more easily.

U-Haul Box Boat.jpg

Use as many boxes as necessary to make your boat big enough for the class (in the photo above we used three).  To get in and out, all you have to do is unclip a side and open it up.  So easy!

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