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Jesus Walks on Water Snack


Our snack for the Jesus Walks on Water lesson was blue jello, with a Jesus figure taped to a spoon and stuck into the jello.  It looks like he’s walking on water, doesn’t it?  The Jesus figure is from this craft.  Since we were doing this craft anyhow, I just took six of the Jesus figures that I had already cut out, taped them to a piece of paper and photocopied it.  That gave me only the Jesus figures, which is what I needed for the snack.  I then cut them out and colored them.

You could have the kids color their own figure and tape it to the spoon, but we didn’t have a lot of extra time.  BTW–the original idea came from Pinterest, where they showed the option of serving it with Goldfish crackers and mini sailboats made from hard-boiled eggs, toothpicks and sliced cheese.

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