I Quit!

Have you ever wanted to say that, or shout it in front of the entire congregation using a megaphone?  Have you ever followed through on that threat?  I have said it more than once (through the right channels), but thus far haven’t actually done it.  There have been many times when I’ve wanted to quit children’s ministry.

What is it that makes you want to quit?  Do you feel like you’re not really making a difference?  Are you frustrated with parents?  Do you feel unsupported (by your own family/your pastor/kids’ parents/the congregation)?  Are you overworked and underpaid?  Have you been doing it so long that you’ve lost your passion?  Tired of the constant hassles of needing more money and volunteers?  Sick of feeling like you’re the only one who cares about children’s ministry?

I’ve been frustrated by all of those things (except losing my passion, since I haven’t been doing it that long).  Awhile ago I was convicted by God when I got in another “poor-me, I’m done with this stuff” rant.  I was feeling particularly sorry for myself because I was putting in so much effort, wanting others to be excited about what we were doing, and it just wasn’t happening.  Nobody else was passionate about children’s ministry.  I was so bummed out; it made me just want to quit.  It was about a day later that God spoke to my heart/mind.  He helped me see that it would be utter folly for me to quit doing children’s ministry simply because I felt like nobody else cared about it.  If, indeed, no one else cared two licks for it, wouldn’t it be imperative for me to keep doing it?  Hello?!  My thick brain finally got it.  I am the one God put there to know the value of what we’re teaching the children.  Even if nobody else gets it, I do.  I can’t just abandon my post because I’m lonely and want to go hang out where everyone else is socializing around the (metaphorical) water cooler.

If I’m the only one at this post, guarding the spiritual door to these childrens’ minds, I need to do my job with conviction, purpose, wisdom and steadfastness.  What are your reasons for wanting to quit and are they really valid?

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