Balloon Sculpture Made Easy: 2 DVD

I was a bit surprised that they had this DVD in our library system.  It’s definitely more advanced than the other balloon twisting videos they have.  In this approximately 1/2 hour video, Joe Leffler (Tricky the Clown) teaches intermediate balloon designs.  He does go quickly, but if you have a basic grasp of the types of twists and are used to doing line-work, it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow along.

The creations he includes are: bee on a flower, fishing pole, T-Rex, basket of flowers with teddy bear, 2 teddy bears in a heart, basic cartoon duck, stork with basket, little bird, rainbow, motorcycle with rider, and Christmas wreath.  My only complaint is that Joe uses jewel tone balloons in the video, so at times it can be a little difficult to see exactly what he’s doing.

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