Face Painting Inspiration Book


Here’s a picture of my face painting inspiration book.  It is a three-ring binder with baseball card pages.  When I find a picture of a face painting design that I’d like to try, I save it to my computer.  Once I have enough photos to fill a page (about 8-9), I shrink them down to fit on a page, and print it out.  The pictures get cut out and placed in the card pages.  It’s a great way to keep all the designs I’d like to try in one place, and of course it could work for balloons, as well.  Just think–you could take your inspiration file with you, wherever you go!

I just have to be clear in stating that I don’t use these photos for public display purposes.  Once I’ve painted my own version of the design, the photo is removed from the inspiration book, and I print my own copy to display on my board.  I am in no way condoning trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own, or using someone else’s photo for your display board.  There, all my bases are covered.  I have not led anyone astray.


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