Fun With Balloons: Learn to Twist Balloon Animals DVD

I recently went on a quest through our local library system to locate all the ballooning resources that they carry.  This DVD by Norm Barnhart was one of the items.  The video is meant for beginners (so I didn’t personally get anything out of it), but someone who is just learning may enjoy it.  It’s a bit dated, but the designs that are presented are timeless.

Norm teaches how to make the following one-balloon creations: dog, dachshund, giraffe, rabbit, cat, squirrel, elephant, poodle, and reindeer.  The instructions are very clear and not too quick.  I also liked that there was an element of humor added to the presentation, with jokes and silly antics that you could use while twisting your own creations.

Rating: So-so

Age: Preteen +

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