If I Were A Clown By Floyd Shaffer

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I recently finished reading a clown ministry book by Floyd Shaffer, titled If I Were a Clown.  Each chapter has a main thought that he expands on and illustrates, using a fair number of personal anecdotes.  I always enjoy reading an anecdote that illustrates a point.  This book is more about Mr. Shaffer’s personal reflections on his life as a clown, rather than a textbook on how to clown.  It is written from the standpoint of a Christian minister.  The last two sections contain some good basic makeup guidelines, and a few simple skit ideas which would be useful in a ministry setting.

Here are some highlights from the book which particularly struck me:

♥ Mr. Shaffer would like to exhibit childlike qualities even as an adult– including being imaginative, trusting, celebratory, risk-taking, trusting, playful, creative, and full of wonder.  These are qualities that we generally lose as we age.
♥ Many times being a clown is a “permission giver,” allowing a person to be who he or she wishes to be.  “[T]he clown looks out on a world that cannot recognize him or her.  In some ways such a disguise helps persons give permission to themselves to become the people they would like to become.” (p. 47)
♥ As clowns we should give love away freely, where we can, for no particular reason.


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