Easter Egg Relay Race

This is the game we planned on playing in children’s church on Easter Sunday.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to it.  Here’s how to play:

1.Fill two buckets with an equal number of plastic Easter eggs.  Put a spoon in the bucket.

2. Divide players into two equal teams.  Have each team form a line.

3. Place a filled bucket at the front of each line.  Place an empty bucket across the playing area from the first.

4. On “go” the first player in each line balances an egg on the spoon, carries it across the playing area, and dumps it in their team’s empty bucket.  They then run back to the next person on their team and hand off the spoon.

5. The next person in line repeats the process, with each player going until all their team’s eggs have been transferred.  The first team to transfer all their eggs wins.

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