Easter Lesson Intro

IMG_3489 cr

To catch the kids’ attention and get them thinking in the right direction, I used the above prop to introduce our Easter lesson.  I held this little Easter basket filled with jelly beans and asked the kids what it was.  An Easter basket, of course!  Then I asked who had gotten or was going to get one of these?  Everyone raised their hand.  I asked them if Easter is about Easter baskets, eggs, candy and bunnies.  Is that why we celebrate Easter?  No!  Why do we celebrate Easter?  One little girl was able to tell me why and then a few others chipped in with their own exclamations.  When they told me about Jesus rising from the dead, it was a perfect lead-in to the video we were going to watch about the whole Crucifixion/Resurrection story.  I told them we’d be watching a video about that very thing and asked them to pay close attention because we’d be acting out the story afterward and they would be the ones telling the actors what to do.  A teen handed out a few jelly beans to everyone to munch on during the video.

Quick, easy intro–and much more entertaining than a teacher lecture.


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