Heaven Game


I just sort of made this game up.  I call it “Is This In Heaven?”  Players divide into two teams and line up. Each player in turn receives a piece of paper with a word written on it. They must decide if the item is or is not in heaven, run to the opposite side of the room, and put it in the appropriate container.  At the end, review the answers.  Some might seem a little tricky and require explanation.  I laminated the cards because I like to make things to last.

Here’s a potential list of items to include:

In Heaven — laughter, hugs, love, friends, family, God, Jesus, angels, plants, happiness, gold, fun, houses, beauty, perfection, peace, learning, games, singing, dancing, exploring, work, animals, Holy Spirit, bananas

Not In Heaven — Satan, hate, lies, loneliness, jealousy, sin, anger, death, sickness, sadness, earthquakes, killing, floods, ugliness, greed, violence, war, boredom, fear, bruises, mosquito bites, exhaustion, splinters, marriage, church, doctors, wheelchairs, vomit (boys will love this one), medicine




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