Bone Prop

If you like puns, you could use this as a “funny bone” prop.  Or it would make a great visual aid for some Bible stories.  Here’s what you do to get one:

1. Buy a large, frozen turkey from the grocery store.  Hunting would work for the more adventurous, back-woods type.  (But you’d also have to pluck the turkey, and quite frankly, you’re on your own with that.)

2. Bring turkey home and let thaw.  If it’s a big bird, you will need several days to thaw it in the refrigerator.  Or you can be like my dad and just leave it out on the kitchen counter.  “No one’s gotten sick from it yet!” he says.

3. Cook the turkey in your oven.  I have no clue how to do this.  I think it involves a little red thing that pops out when the meat is hot enough.  Ask your mother.

4. Transfer your enormous bird to a serving platter and carve off pieces.  If you want the tibia, you will have to put a drumstick on your serving platter.

5. Sit down at your table and eat your turkey, making sure to clean off the drumstick.

6. Boil the tibia until all the gristly bits come off.

7. Let cool, and you have a very cool-looking, good-sized bone to use as a prop.

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