Clown Makeup Kit

I thought I would visit the thought of what to include in a clown’s makeup kit.  So I did.  The following is a documentation of what is in my own kit, but I’m sure you have many clever ideas of your own.  I had to take a few different pictures so that the details could still be seen (sorry for the poor photography).  Items will be described going clockwise around the photo, starting in the upper left-hand corner.  Yay, I get to make a list!

  • Hand-held make up mirror.
  • Makeup brushes.  I have one for each color and use them for the fine details of the lip and eyebrows, as well as for touching up the border on my white eyes.
  • Greasepaint.  Personally, I only use white, red, black, and a blush color.  Others may need blue or flesh tone.
  • Black mascara & eyelash brush.
  • Blush brush.
  • Stippling sponge.  I use this to apply my 5 o’clock shadow.  Just kidding.  Useful for a tramp or hobo clown.
  • Powder puff.  This is an alternative for applying powder with a sock.
  • Picture of your clown face.  Obviously this is not mine, but it gives you an idea.
  • Powder brush.  This is used to dust off excess powder.  Keep in a Ziploc bag.
  • Powder sock.  A child-sized sock filled with talcum powder that does NOT contain cornstarch, and is fastened shut.
  • Black eye pencil & sharpener.  This can be used to draw the outline of features, or for eye details.
  • Wash cloth (not pictured).  Oops!  I wet this and, starting with the lightest color, press it on the makeup to remove excess powder and brighten the colors.
  • Hair doodads.  I use snap clips, hair elastics and a headband to keep my hair up under my wig cap.  It helps to keep my hair out of the way when applying makeup.
  • Towel & clothespin.  This is fastened around my neck to keep powder off of my clothing.  I wear my clown shirt while applying makeup.
  • Q-tips.  I don’t use these, but some clowns use them to remove portions of clown white where they will paint other features (i.e. mouth).
  • Comb.  Helpful when trying to tame your hair to go into the wig cap.
  • Wig cap.  This one is like pantyhose for the head.  You can also get a cotton one that is much for comfortable.
  • Sensitive baby wipes.  These are good for general clean-up, or to touch up your makeup before it’s powdered.
  • Baby shampoo & baby oil.  Used to remove makeup.
  • Clown nose/tip & adhesive.


The following items are just-in-case items.  You never know when you’ll need them.

  • Kleenex.  Don’t want to be stuck with a runny nose, and they work well for use with baby oil in removing makeup.
  • Floss.  For those who don’t like green stuff in their teeth.
  • Safety Pins.  In case of costume malfunction
  • Bobby pins.  In case of hair malfunction.
  • Ibuprofen.  For those long days.
  • Travel-size deodorant.  When you start to smell ripe, apply.
  • Nail clippers.  Especially helpful if you twist balloons.
  • Tweezers. For stray eyebrow hairs, splinters, etc.
  • Tic Tacs.  To keep your breath minty fresh!
  • Band-aids/mini first aid kit.  Best to have your own supply, as you don’t know what will be available.
  • Hand lotion.  Apply before leaving for a balloon-twisting gig.
  • Chapstick.  Don’t apply immediately before doing your makeup.

And of course you need a snazzy makeup bag or box to house all your supplies.  Mine came from Wal-mart.  Department stores carry lots of fun designs.  Finally, it is a good idea to have a mini kit of makeup and other supplies that you can carry with you to gigs.

Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, or if you have any bright ideas to add!

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