Kids’ Face Paint Kits

My eldest son has been interested in face painting for quite some time, but only recently has my next oldest expressed any interest.  I let him paint from his brother’s kit the other day, but decided that they each need their own.  Using storage containers I already had, I set out on this time-consuming task.


The first step was to part with a large sum of money to buy several face paint cakes.  I opted for a variety of single colors over pre-made palettes, because it was ultimately more economical.


A metal baby spoon was used to divide the cakes in half.  It’s my special cake-splitting spoon.  Thank you Gerber baby!


Here is the final result for son #1.  His is a bead storage box from Michaels, which used to house my paints.


And the finished product for son #2.  The top two containers come from a bead storage system (also from Michaels).  The bottom container is a small tackle box from Walmart.

Now to figure out what to do with the other 50 little boxes I’ve picked up over the past couple of years…

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