Clown Fix-a-Flat

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This fun idea originally came from Jodie the Clown, someone I met through a clown forum.  These giveaways are super-easy to make, and fun to give as a gag, at Halloween, or just because.  I’ve included a document that you can use to print off your own Fix-A-Flat labels.  Let me know if you have issues with opening it, and I’ll try to save it in a different format.


  • Clown Fix-A-Flat document:  clown-fix-a-flat
  • Heavy card stock
  • Computer & printer
  • Scissors
  • Individually wrapped bubble gum (Dubble Bubble)
  • Resealable plastic jewelry bags
  • Cookie



1. Print the Fix-A-Flat document onto the card stock and cut out.

2. Insert one piece of bubble gum and one label into each plastic bag.  They’re ready to be given away!

3. Reward yourself with the cookie.



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