Nail Polish Gospel Presentation

Did you know you can use nail polish to share the Good News of Jesus?  How awesome is that?!

Our lesson last Sunday was a culmination of our series on missions.  During the month of September we looked at missions work in El Salvador, Romania and Nigeria.  Then we showed the kids where we are on the world map and talked about the fact that we can share the good news of Jesus with the people where we live.

Then we broke up into three groups and the kids spent the rest of the lesson practicing using a specific gospel presentation method.  The nail polish method was one that we used.  You may have to go out and get some new nail polish, but it will last a long time!


– black nail polish

– red nail polish

– white nail polish

– yellow/gold nail polish

– green nail polish


As you apply each color, talk about what each one symbolizes.  The complete instructions are at Let The Little Children Come.


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