DIY Ark of the Covenant

We did a lesson about the Israelites going across the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant leading the way.  We acted it out, so I wanted to have a prop Ark that the kids could use.  This is my genius idea for how to do that. During the lesson I talked about how the Bible is God’s word and it’s like what the Israelites had, the Torah.  They kept God’s word, the 10 Commandments, which is part of the Torah, in the Ark.  We put the Bible in the Ark and then proceeded with acting out the story.



– Cardboard box (medium-small)

– Ruler

– X-acto knife

– 2 dowels (medium width, long)

– Drop cloth

– Gold spray paint

– Clear spray sealant



1. Start with a medium-small box and cut off the two inside flaps at the ends.  I just thought this looked tidier when closing the lid.

2. Use a couple of medium-width dowels that are long enough to go through the box and stick out on each side.  (I had to use four short ones taped together in pairs because that’s all I had in the house.  I recommend using two longer ones.)

2. Next, measure and figure out where you want the dowels to go through the box.  Cut an “X” in those spots with an X-acto knife and poke the dowels through to make sure they are in the right spot.  Remove dowels.

3. Remove any extraneous tape from the box so the paint adheres well.

4. Set up a drop cloth outside and lay your materials out on it.  Spray paint the box a shiny gold, both inside and out.  This will take a few coats and some moving the box around to get in all the crevices.

5. Paint the dowels gold, making sure to get all sides.

5. You could take the extra step of spraying some kind of clear sealant over the entire box.  I did not do this and ended up with a bit of gold rubbing off on my hands even after the paint was dry.

6. Once the paint is dry, insert dowels through the cuts you made so that they make carrying handles.

All done!


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