Friendship Yarn Game

We played this game for our lesson on being a good friend.  It’s very simple and a lot of fun, especially when you have to untangle yourself at the end.  Everybody sits in a circle and the first person starts out holding a ball of yarn.  (I would suggest using a ball instead of a skein, like we did.  We had a hard time getting it to unravel.)  The first person throws the ball of yarn to someone else and says something they like about that person, or why they are a good friend.  Then the next person goes, and so on.  Pretty soon you end up with a web of yarn connecting everyone.  We made it a rule that everyone had to be picked once so that nobody was excluded.  Be ready with some suggestions for those kids who have a hard time thinking of a positive comment for their peer.  I hope you have fun with this game, too!

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