Holy Spirit Headband & Streamers

For our lesson on the Holy Spirit the kids made flame headbands and these streamers to remind them that there was a sound like rushing wind.  The streamer idea came from our Sunday School teacher who is still going strong in her 80’s.


Holy Spirit Streamers


– crepe paper (red, yellow, orange, blue)

– scissors

– straws


1. Cut crepe paper into very thin strips.

2. Gather a small stack of strips, two of each color.

3. Tape strips together at one end, rolling tape around the stack.

4. Insert taped end of strips into straw.  Done!



Holy Spirit Headband


– craft foam (red, orange, yellow)

– pencil

– scissors

– hot glue gun & glue

– card stock

– stapler



1. Cut out flame template.  Look for one online.  I can’t find the one I used.

2. Trace flame shapes on foam.  Decide what order you want the colors in.

3. Hot glue three foam pieces, one on top of the other, from smallest to largest.

4. Cut card stock into long strips and measure to fit child’s head.  Staple end of handband.

5. Hot glue flame to front of headband.  Wear it!



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