Joseph Lesson Intro & Game

To introduce our lesson on Joseph and forgiveness, I developed this little activity at the last minute.  The night before, I colored these beautiful little illustrations of things contained in the story.  I included: Egypt, coat, colors, broken heart, anger, jail, crying, Pharaoh, blood, food, brothers, and kiss (Eww!).  Before the class came in, I folded up the papers and secretly hid them around the room.  I told the kids that they needed to find all the little pictures I had hidden so that we could use them to guess what that day’s lesson was about.

They loved the idea and we did eventually find all of them.  Once you start listing off the components of the story, some of the kids should start to catch on.  Wait until you’ve shared all the pictures and then you can ask if someone knows what the story is about.  The most awesome part about this is that it could be adapted to any story!

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