VBS Decor 2014

I remembered to snap some photos of this year’s VBS decor.  The front stage area already had a wooden backdrop (purple square in the middle) with a cross cut out of it.  Our fabulous decor lady used a roll of purple vinyl (think tablecloth-type material) which she scrunched up and stapled in place.  The cut out cross area was filled in with holographic paper.  Long, thick crepe streamers that were left over from last year were used on the sides for the stripes.  She also blew up balloons, put a bead inside to help them hang straight, and attached them with yarn to some stage lighting bars behind the TVs.


Each group had a printed out sign with their group name and color on it, tacked to the wall next to their area.  Additionally, each group had two rows dedicated to them which we marked with a strip of duct tape that matched their group color.  This is the first year we’ve done this and it worked out really well.


Here’s a picture of one of the speakers we used to decorate the stage.  Just grab a cardboard box, tape it shut, and paint it black.  Then paint some concentric silver circles to make it look like a speaker.  We used leftover house paint.


Another small detail–these lamps are normally off-white.  Decor Diva used some of those leftover crepe streamers to cover the lamps and help them blend in a little better.


One of the rooms got the lavish treatment of having little star gift boxes hung from the ceiling.


In the craft room we hung these pennant banners from some foam ceiling tiles we have screwed to the ceiling to help deaden sound.


The hallway got some record garlands hung across it.


Our front entry area got some shiny stars hanging from the ceiling, and crepe balls and a boombox decoration in the windows.


The window into the nursery got a cut-out DJ Pray-z which was salvaged from a previous year’s VBS banner.


The registration table had crepe streamers behind it to cover up a world map on the wall and tie the area in to the theme.  Also a purple tablecloth from the same material used to decorate the stage, and a portion of the pennant banner used in another room.  This table was left up for one or two weeks previous to VBS so that people could purchase CDs, sign up to bring snacks, take invitations for friends, fill out their child’s registration ahead of time, and see the theme and craft planned for each night.  This worked out well for us, and we will probably set up early again next year.  The white tub under the table had all the name tags, lanyards and other registration supplies in it, so that it could easily be pulled out each night.


The entryway was simply decorated with these long, folded crepe garlands which we salvaged off of some clearance-price retirement decorations.  It was easy to staple them to the wall and they really looked cool!


Another wall in our foyer area had this brick background stapled to it.  I believe there were three main pieces up there.  This was also salvaged from last year.  The “Worship” and “Jesus” signs were made last year with some thick foam and painted.  I’ll have to make a post sometime about how to do it.  They were attached with straight pins.


Finally, our snack counter wall was decorated with shiny stars and more foam signs from last year–musical notes and “Praise Him.”  Boy, when you can reuse decorations, it is such a blessing!

In case you’re wondering, we use Go Fish VBS, so we’ve gone for a rockstar/urban look.

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