Easter Egg Hunt

Our egg hunt last year was a bit of a fiasco, and for that reason I decided to change our method this year.  For a few weeks beforehand we asked for donations of candy for the egg hunt.  We asked that the candy be individually wrapped and not contain nuts.  People dropped the candy off in the children’s ministry area as they brought it in.  Before the big day, a few people filled treat bags with this candy and put it in a portable container for Sunday morning.

The day of, we sent a few teenagers outside to “hide” the eggs.  All they did was spread them out over the lawn, since we really don’t have anywhere to truly hide them outside.


The kids each got one of these little bags that I found at Walmart for cheap.  After service, the kids got to go find the eggs, fill their bag and come dump them back into a storage tub.  We had over 500 eggs, so the kids took several trips to collect all of them.  At the end, they each got to claim a treat bag full of candy.  This set-up worked out great and we’ll probably repeat it next year.




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