God’s Word Puzzle

Another activity we had for our hands-on Bible lesson was this Scripture puzzle.  We started with a large piece of card stock and the kids looked up their favorite Bible verse, or paged through until they found one they liked.  Then they wrote it on the paper.  Little kids had help from a teacher or assistant.  Once all of our verses were on there, I cut it apart into puzzle pieces.  Now the kids have a Scripture puzzle that they can work on in their spare time at church.

I have to point out that if you have boys, you will more than likely end up with some slightly irreverent verses.  The stranger choices some of our boys made were:

  • “Because I thought lest I die because of her.”
  • “You have covered him with shame.”
  • “Now Samuel died.”
  • “The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the ground.”

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